Mixing it Up

I am not a huge consumer of packaged goods, mixes, and pre-mades, but I would be lying if I pretended that I never use these items.  July was a lazy month for me and I was looking for a few food shortcuts.  As a result I discovered two great, relatively easy, ready-to-use products. 

photo by: FoodByJenn.com

Fantastic World FoodsTabouli Salad Mix

When I first gazed on this boxed mix at my local supermarket, I was skeptical.  Though my sleepy and bland suburb is near enough to cities that offer fantastic regional cuisine, my LAZY took over and I decided to make this purchase to make at home.  At $3.49 the price was right, so I figured it was worth a try.  I prepared it exactly per the box directions and was admittedly impressed. The directions called for the addition of fresh tomato and cucumber but I didn’t mind adding them in myself.  It made the dish feel fresh and refreshing.  (If someone has an allergy to or dislike of tomato or cucumber or simply does not have them on hand, they can be omitted from the appetizing preparation without losing too much flavor). I ate the end result in varying ways: as a side, as a snack and as a condiment (in a pita with turkey slices in lieu of cheese or mayo etc).  It was distinctly tabouli in texture, flavor, seasoning and composition and was simple to make, take and store.  Overall, I was happy with this purchase and will look into other items from this product line.

Photo by: FoodByJenn.com

Bob’s Red Mill – Gluten Free Pizza Dough Mix

I am fond of most of the Bob’s Red Mill products, so I was excited to try this mix.  It was easy to use and had a nice texture.  I preferred it to the other packaged pizza dough mixes, gluten free or otherwise, that I have tried over the years.  Since the mix worked well as pizza dough, I experimented and also made a focaccia with this mix with great results.  Interestingly, I was able to successfully freeze, thaw and re-warm a portion of the fully baked focaccia.  I enjoyed this product and will keep it on hand and continue to bake and freeze the finished product for quick meals, snack, and sides.

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