Food-Apocalypse Pass the Rice


An interesting chat broke out at my gym a few nights ago based around the question, “Let’s say the world IS ending this Friday the 21st…what is your last meal?”

The answers were varied and ranged from family favorites to lavish desserts, but the one answer that fascinated me was, simply, “rice”.

I thought “rice” was a strange answer to this question, but after I thought about it for a little while, I realized it was quite an amazing answer.  Continue reading


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You may have already heard, but here in the Northeast we had a freakish October snowstorm! For me, there is nothing better to eat during a snowstorm than soup. Although I had canned soup in the cabinet, I wanted to create a soup using the ingredients and leftovers I found in my pantry and refrigerator.  I felt very inspired by the shades of the vibrant fall foliage contrasted with the stark white falling snow, and I decided to celebrate this early winter trick of nature by making a colorful, healthy, and filling soup for a cozy dinner treat.  Continue reading

Rah Rah RAMEN!!!

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This September, as a new university semester starts, I can’t help but reminisce about the year I started college.

I learned about and came to love so many unexpected things outside of the classroom that first semester “away from home”.  I met many interesting people, read a ton of coursework, listened to new music, and fell recklessly in love.

But the one thing that has stayed with me, that I always crave and seek out come this particular time of year is…

Gimme an R!

Gimme an A!

Gimme an M!

Gimme an E!

Gimme an N!

What’s it spell? RAMEN!

(Please note:  I am a much better cook and eater than I ever was a cheerleader.)  Continue reading