Fun-filled, Food-filled February


February is not exactly my favorite month because in the past it has been marred by nasty weather and sad memories.

This year, I am determined to change my opinion of February and bring fun (and of course FOOD) to my February canvas!

After some quick research, I realized that February has some major and minor events that can easily celebrated with food.

A big thank you to the very fun website which I used for a resource and for inspiration. 

February is Black History Month, and many cities and organizations are celebrating with food and programs like the 33rd Annual Black History Parade and Cultural Fair in Anaheim, CA held last Saturday.

1 February – National Baked Alaska Day
3 February – Superbowl
3 February – National Carrot Cake Day
4 February – National Stuffed Mushroom Day
4 February – Homemade Soup Day
5 February – National Chocolate Fondue Day
6 February – National Frozen Yogurt Day
7 February – National Fettucine Alfredo Day
8 February – National Molasses Bar Day
9 February – National Bagels and Lox Day
9 February – Pizza Pie Day
10 February – Chinese New Year
10 February – National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
11 February – Peppermint Patty Day
12 February – Mardi Gras
12 February – National Plum Pudding Day
13 February – National Tortellini Day
13 February – National Crab Rangoon Day
14 February – Valentine’s Day
15 February – National Gumdrop Day
16 February – National Almond Day
18 February – Drink Wine Day
19 February – Chocolate Mint Day
20 February – National Cherry Pie Day
21 February – National National Sticky Bun Day
22 February – National Margarita Day
23 February – National Banana Bread Day
23-24 February – Purim
24 February – National Tortilla Chip Day
25 February – National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day
26 February – National Pistachio Day
27 February – National Kahlua Day
27 February – National Strawberry Day
28 February – National Chocolate Souffle Day
28 February – National Chili Day
28 February – National Pancake Day

February is also Potato Month!

This list has given me a lot of fun ideas.

I hope you find something to celebrate with food this month and every month!

Have fun and feel free to let me know what you are doing in your kitchen this February!


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