Wine – Website to Doorstep to Glass

*UPDATE 11/2020* Club W is now called WINC.

Last month, I discovered an online wine club, Club W. I have purchased wine club subscriptions in the past from different vendors, but Club W impressed me immediately.

Club W

Here’s why I like it so far:

1.  Club W asks about taste preferences.

Club W provides a quick, six question survey called a “Palate Profile” to assess taste preferences.  Answers help to generate recommendations.

2.  The Club W site uses little lingo or jargon.

I know a little bit about wine, but am by no means an expert.  I have a read a few books on wine. I have gone to wine tastings, wine festivals and wine pairing dinners.  I have learned some of the wine jargon.  I have learned some of the wine rules. However, I find the jargon and the rules weigh me down when I select wine.  Club W recommendations are presented with text descriptions and video descriptions.  Very little jargon is used, but when it is used, a hyperlink of the term leads to an easy to understand definition.  

3.  Brief video descriptions are informative and entertaining.

Club W posts clear, brief, informative wine description videos.  The videos feel like a friend or colleague is giving me fun, animated advice about each wine. The videos helped me greatly when making my selections.

4.  I am pleased by the prices.

Most of the recommendations are $13. In fact, my first order contained four $13 bottles. Other recommendations called “Curator’s Choice” are priced at an average of about $20.

5.  Club W offers flat shipping rates and uses great packaging.

Club W adds a flat rate $6 shipping charge to orders of three, four or five bottles.  Shipping is FREE for orders of six bottles or more.  Wine ships via FedEx (to states that permit wine shipments).  The packing method is excellent. The wine bottles rest snugly in form fit trays inside a cardboard suitcase shaped box with a sturdy carry handle. Every part of the box and packing material can be recycled.

6.  I am not locked into a minimum amount of Club W membership or subscription months.

Some wine clubs I have joined in the past locked me into subscribing for 3, 6 or 12 months; not so with Club W.  The site provides an easy way to cancel or suspend membership, and the details are clearly defined on the site.

I’m excited about discovering Club W.  During 2012, I lost my interest in wine.  In 2013, I did not buy myself more than four bottles of wine.  Club W has reignited my interest and curiosity about new wine makers, flavors, pairings, regions, and grape varieties.  I am so glad that my colleague Ann gave me a gift certificate to Club W.  I look forward to enjoying my Club W selections with my friends and family throughout this year.


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