Wine – Website to Doorstep to Glass

*UPDATE 11/2020* Club W is now called WINC.

Last month, I discovered an online wine club, Club W. I have purchased wine club subscriptions in the past from different vendors, but Club W impressed me immediately.

Club W

Here’s why I like it so far:

1.  Club W asks about taste preferences.

Club W provides a quick, six question survey called a “Palate Profile” to assess taste preferences.  Answers help to generate recommendations.

2.  The Club W site uses little lingo or jargon.

I know a little bit about wine, but am by no means an expert.  I have a read a few books on wine. I have gone to wine tastings, wine festivals and wine pairing dinners.  I have learned some of the wine jargon.  I have learned some of the wine rules. However, I find the jargon and the rules weigh me down when I select wine.  Club W recommendations are presented with text descriptions and video descriptions.  Very little jargon is used, but when it is used, a hyperlink of the term leads to an easy to understand definition.  

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