Wine – Website to Doorstep to Glass

*UPDATE 11/2020* Club W is now called WINC.

Last month, I discovered an online wine club, Club W. I have purchased wine club subscriptions in the past from different vendors, but Club W impressed me immediately.

Club W

Here’s why I like it so far:

1.  Club W asks about taste preferences.

Club W provides a quick, six question survey called a “Palate Profile” to assess taste preferences.  Answers help to generate recommendations.

2.  The Club W site uses little lingo or jargon.

I know a little bit about wine, but am by no means an expert.  I have a read a few books on wine. I have gone to wine tastings, wine festivals and wine pairing dinners.  I have learned some of the wine jargon.  I have learned some of the wine rules. However, I find the jargon and the rules weigh me down when I select wine.  Club W recommendations are presented with text descriptions and video descriptions.  Very little jargon is used, but when it is used, a hyperlink of the term leads to an easy to understand definition.  

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Happy National Root Beer Float Day

Today is National Root Beer Float Day!

A root beer float is a fun, simple, classic, easy treat.

Chill a mug or pint glass.

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the glass.

Pour root beer slowly over ice cream.

Enjoy with a straw and a spoon!

My root beer floats will be made with Abita root beer.  Abita tastes amazing, is made with cane sugar, is caffeine free and is my favorite.  Abita is a Louisiana based brewery. To make it easier to find Abita products, the company has a sleek, concise, cleanly designed, and free App for iPhone and Android. Get the App or try Abita’s web based product finder tool at

20130805-225450.jpg         20130805-225504.jpg

A&W is a name nearly synonymous with root beer. A&W Restaurants will be celebrating National Root Beer Float Day with free small floats while supplies last. A&W will also be using the celebration to raise funds and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. You can find all the details here.

Hope you enjoy your day!


Kale Me Now

I have been on the hunt this year for a revitalizing, refreshing and flavorful GREEN smoothie.  I have tried a variety of recipes thus far involving spinach, grapes and cucumbers among other fruits and veggies.

Last month, I purchased a copy of Oprah magazine (mainly for the clutter busting tips, as I am a big fan of organizing).  The issue contained a few recipes including one for a kale based juice! Check out the recipe here.  Continue reading

Going Green in 2012?

In my last post, I mentioned that I am the proud new owner of a Vitamix high performance blender.  I have been dying to get this tool in my kitchen for some time and it was a VERY special Christmas gift.  I have been making soups, frozen desserts, fruit smoothies and even frozen cocktails in this appliance.

A few days ago, inspired by an article in Bon Appetit Magazine, I made the above pictured veggie based elixir. I always try to use up what I already have in my refrigerator/pantry, so I put my own spin on the recipe.  Continue reading