Kale Me Now

I have been on the hunt this year for a revitalizing, refreshing and flavorful GREEN smoothie.  I have tried a variety of recipes thus far involving spinach, grapes and cucumbers among other fruits and veggies.

Last month, I purchased a copy of Oprah magazine (mainly for the clutter busting tips, as I am a big fan of organizing).  The issue contained a few recipes including one for a kale based juice! Check out the recipe here. 

Despite my  love of veggies, I realized I had never even eaten kale to my knowledge. I was excited to try this green loaded with nutritional benefits.  My Vitamix whipped up the recipe in seconds and I finally got my good tasting, highly beneficial GREEN “smoothie”.

Kale “Smoothie”
Photo by FoodByJenn

Bonus Goodness – I had A LOT of kale left over and my good friend, Elizabeth, suggested I make kale chips.  I placed torn leaves on a baking sheet and I lightly sprayed the pieces with Pam cooking spray, then lightly seasoned with Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning. I baked the pieces at 400 degrees F until they were dark green/black and crispy.  The chips were an excellent, relatively guilt free snack and the chips made a tasty edible garnish in dishes throughout the week.

Kale “Chips”
Photo by FoodByJenn

I am now officially in the kale fan club.

Join me!

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