Apple Pie – My Oh My!

I love pie and this is a wonderful time of year for apple pie, as the fruit is abundant and in season.

This recipe includes just a few ingredients and doesn’t take too long to put together. Prep time is about 20 minutes or less. The pie will bake for 50 – 60 minutes depending on your oven (convection ovens will bake more quickly).

I confess upfront, however, that I am not much of a pie pastry maker. I can make my own pie shells and tops, but I often cheat and use store-bought. I have tried many brands and types and I really like the combination I describe below. Since I lack the skills of a proper French pastry chef, I think this combination tastes about the same as my homemade version.

(A note on brands, I am not paid or given perks to use, feature or write about any products shown.)

I encourage you to find what works for you!  Use what you like or have on hand or find at your local market!! If your grandma or aunt has an awesome pastry recipe, try it – use it and pass it along!  If you have a beautiful pie dish that you would like to finally use- go for it!  Use two “rolled” pie sheets and lightly drape then lightly press one sheet into the bottom of the pie dish and use the second sheet to cover the pie as described in the post.

Have FUN!  Use apples that appeal to your taste buds.  I do think some types of apples have a texture better suited for baking, namely Macoun, MacIntosh, Rome, Fuji and Cortland.

Hardware Used
Cutting board
Bowl (to Soak Apples)
Bowl (to mix pie filling)
Knife and Paring Knife
Melon Baller (optional)
Measuring Spoons
Spatula/mixing spoon
Pastry Brush (optional)


Hardware Used (photo by:

Ingredients Used

5-6 apples (I used 4 1/2 Rome apples and 1 Granny Smith)

1 Frozen Pie Shell (bottom)

1 Refrigerated Rolled Pie Crust (top)

2 Tablespoons Light Brown Sugar

2 teaspoons Cinnamon

2 Tablespoons Cornstarch (or similar thickening agent-Potato Starch or Arrowroot)

1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice mixed into bowl of water (to keep apple slices from browning due to oxidation while you prep)

Small Pinch Ground Nutmeg (optional)

Small Pinch Ground Ginger (optional)

1 Egg, lightly beaten for egg wash (optional)


Ingredients Used (photo by:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Gather your ingredients.

Let the Frozen pie shell and the rolled pie shell rest/thaw a bit on the counter.  They will be ready to go when you finish putting the fruit filling together.

Peel Apples.

Core Apples.

To core apples, I cut the apple in half, then remove the seeds, stem, core and any remaining peel with my melon baller.  BUT if you do not have a melon baller you can also do this with a small paring knife.

When using a knife, I cut my apples into quarters, then cut into the flesh around the core with the paring knife.  I cut on about a 45 degree angle on both sides of the seedy middle.  I have pictures below showing both methods.


Core Apples with Melon Baller (photo:


Core apples with paring knife (photo by:

Slice apples thin (about 1/4 inch or slightly less).

Place apple slices in lemon water mixture to slow oxidation/avoid discoloration and continue slicing the other apples.


Apple slices about 1/4 inch thick (photo: foodbyjenn)

When you are done slicing the apples, remove from lemon water mixture and gently shake off excess water.

No need to rinse, the lemon flavor is not going to come through.

Place in clean, dry bowl and add the Light Brown Sugar, Cornstarch and Cinnamon. You may also add the optional Ginger and Nutmeg if you choose to use them).

Gently fold apples to thoroughly coat with spice, sugar, starch mixture.

It will look like this:


Pie Filling (photo:

Gently place mixture into pie shell.  Pile up the apples slices!!


Place filling into shell (photo:

Gently roll out the sheet of pie crust.


Rolled Pie Sheet (photo:

Place sheet on top of filling.

If it is a little long in a section, you can trim a bit off using a sharp knife or kitchen shears.


Cover the pie (photo:

Roll edge of top to line up with edge of bottom pie pastry.  Lightly press/pinch top and bottom together to seal edge.

Press down and pinch side to side simultaneously around pie circumference to create a frilly edge.


Press and pinch edges (photo:

This step is optional.  If you desire a deeper brown color to your pie pastry, you may choose to brush on a light coat of egg wash prior to baking.

I use 1 egg, lightly beaten then lightly applied with a pastry brush.


Optional egg wash (photo:

Use a knife to make vents in the top sheet of pastry.

You can keep it simple or get creative!


Pie ready to bake (photo:

Bake the pie in the oven for 50 – 60 minutes at 35o degrees F.

You may want to place the pie on a baking sheet or foil to make clean up easier if the filling’s juices drip during baking.

Remove pie and cool pie on a baking rack.


Baked pie (photo:

The apple slices will settle during baking.


Baked pie – cross-section (photo:

Enjoy the pie!


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