My First Kugel


Today is National Noodle Day. Since I have been sitting on a recipe for a noodle kugel for some time, I decided to try it out today!

click here for the recipe

This is a rich, dairy dessert style kugel, but there are many varieties of sweet or savory kugel.

I altered the recipe found on the link above in the following ways: 

1. I used a full 12 oz of noodles because I didn’t want to leave an open pack of noodles with an odd amount in the pantry

2. I didn’t have enough sour cream so I substituted plain, 0% fat Greek yogurt with a splash of red wine vinegar to make up the difference.

3. I had four snack size raisin boxes 1 1/2 oz each that I wanted to use up – into the kugel they went.

Also, I am happy with the recipe, but the prep time is listed as 5 minutes. Once the water comes to a boil and the noodles cook, it IS about 5 minutes prep, so you may want to add however long it takes to boil a pot of water on your range into your prep time.

Wishing you a Happy National Noodle Day,

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