My Burns Supper 2012

Today is Robert Burns’ Birthday and I am thrilled to be doing my first Burns Supper.

Who is Robert Burns? 

Burns is a Scottish poet.  He is the  fellow who wrote many poems and works including “Auld Lang Syne” which we all sang a mere 25 days ago!  

Scotland is a gorgeous country that I was able to visit for a few brief days on my first trip abroad.  On that trip I had the great pleasure of attending a modern Scottish ceilidh and fell in love with the haggis they served.  Then, years after that, I found myself living in England on Robert Burns’ birthday and attended a Burns walking tour (with poetry readings), pub crawl (with single malt tastings) and Burns Supper (with haggis).

My supper tonight will feature a few traditional elements of a Burns Supper including:

Selkirk Grace

Toast to the Queen

Toast to Absent Friends

Reading of “Address To A Haggis” by Robert Burns

Reading to honor the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns

My menu tonight:


Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Parsnips

Homemade Shortbread


A wee dram (or two or three) of Single Malt

my homemade shortbread photo by:

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