Happy Valentine’s Day!!


I hope you are all having a nice Valentine’s Day so far!

I just want to express my thanks for all the “love” you have shown this blog by commenting, sharing and chatting with me about it on and off line.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or a loved one or “just a friend” tonight remember to add an extra dash of love. Even if you are just making a cocktail or pouring a glass of wine focus a little love into the experience and make it a little extra special.

Have a great day and thank you again for all of your support and feedback!


Fun-filled, Food-filled February


February is not exactly my favorite month because in the past it has been marred by nasty weather and sad memories.

This year, I am determined to change my opinion of February and bring fun (and of course FOOD) to my February canvas!

After some quick research, I realized that February has some major and minor events that can easily celebrated with food.

A big thank you to the very fun website www.punchbowl.com which I used for a resource and for inspiration.  Continue reading

Burns Supper – Let Us Toast The Bard!!


Happy Birthday Bobby Burns!!!

It is time to raise a glass of whisky to…

…the Great Scot, Robert Burns, poet 1759-1796!

I have come to love this supper tradition celebrating the man who gave us Auld Lang Syne, Red Red Rose and many others.

More than ten years ago, I was in England on January 25, and took part in a walking tour/pub crawl in honor of The Bard. Though, to my knowledge, Burns never lived in London, it was a fun night enjoying the city, playing tourist, listening to our guide recite Burns’ poetry, sampling single malts and eating haggis. The tour concluded in the historic Lamb & Flag which to this day boasts a lovely collection of Whisky.

My 2013 Burns Supper menu tonight features:

  • Scotch Broth
  • Haggis
  • Mashed Tatties (potatoes)
  • Whisky Cake
  • And of course a wee dram or two of single malt (to be determined)!!!

You can read about my Burns Supper 2012 here.

You can read more about Burns and hear samples of his poetry here.

A toast to Burns…

…and of course to You and Yours!!!


Food-Apocalypse Pass the Rice


An interesting chat broke out at my gym a few nights ago based around the question, “Let’s say the world IS ending this Friday the 21st…what is your last meal?”

The answers were varied and ranged from family favorites to lavish desserts, but the one answer that fascinated me was, simply, “rice”.

I thought “rice” was a strange answer to this question, but after I thought about it for a little while, I realized it was quite an amazing answer.  Continue reading

Apple Pie – My Oh My!

I love pie and this is a wonderful time of year for apple pie, as the fruit is abundant and in season.

This recipe includes just a few ingredients and doesn’t take too long to put together. Prep time is about 20 minutes or less. The pie will bake for 50 – 60 minutes depending on your oven (convection ovens will bake more quickly).

I confess upfront, however, that I am not much of a pie pastry maker. I can make my own pie shells and tops, but I often cheat and use store-bought. I have tried many brands and types and I really like the combination I describe below. Since I lack the skills of a proper French pastry chef, I think this combination tastes about the same as my homemade version.

(A note on brands, I am not paid or given perks to use, feature or write about any products shown.)

I encourage you to find what works for you!  Use what you like or have on hand or find at your local market!! If your grandma or aunt has an awesome pastry recipe, try it – use it and pass it along!   Continue reading