I love all things CRANBERRY.

There are so many ready to serve / ready to eat cranberry treats at all the markets at this time of year- it is November after all. There are even MORE great things to do with cranberries in my own kitchen.

A few nights ago I was curled up with my newest issue of The Food Network Magazine (November 2011 Issue) and flipped through to Michael Chiarello’s recipe for “Cranberry Vodka Tonics”.  I have wanted to try making my own spirit infusions all summer so I jumped at the chance to get the one week infusion process started on Saturday. The recipe (found here on the Food Network website) is very easy and straightforward.  I do admit, I always have to put my own spin on things, and I was about 3/4 cup short of regular vodka, so I made up the difference with Grey Goose la Poire- a lovely pear flavored vodka I got as a gift last Christmas.

It is only day one into the infusion, but I had to do a little “quality control” and the cranberry flavor is really starting to develop.

I will update the post when the week is up and after a taste testing of the final product.

Infusion Day 2 – the color is FANTASTIC! (photo by:

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